The effect of games on the level of sporty performance motivation in learning some skills in students of elementary school
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1Physical education teacher in Markazi province
2Faculty Member of Nasibeh Teacher Training Collage
Introduction: Nowadays, performance of students in sport and physical activities, is an important issue and noteworthy for accountable breeding. Improvement of sport in schools specially in elementary schools, not only will result in ghost and physical for pervasive, but also provide esprit , succulence and improvement in performance of students in other fields . Motivational performance is one of the effective factors on student’s performance, because motive, shows the level of effort or engagement of individual in the path of achieving. This article exhausts the effect of selected games for on the level of sporty performance motivation in learning some of track and field’s skills in students.
Methodology: The kind of this research is developmental and its strategy is a semi-experimental with a pre-test-post-test design. The target population includes of all the students in one of the Tehran elementary school in during the academic year of 95-96 , which selected randomly between 60 person of sixth grade’s students in this school with the average 12 years old and divided to 2 groups: control group and tentative group. Selected games have been applied with tentative group during 8 weeks. For evaluating the effects of these games in creating sporty performance motivation in students , we have used standard performance motivation questioner that consist of 30 items and 8 Subscales. We supplied questioners to students of control and tentative groups , before and after completing research . Also we used Lovin test for evaluating variance congruence of two groups and Ancova test for evaluating differences of changes in two groups and removing the effects of pretest.
Results: In evaluating the effects of these games on student’s performance ,a significant difference in post test of achievement (F=35.22, p=0.01), team atmosphere (F=55.42, p=0.01), fitness (F=54.29, p=0.01), energy release (F=40.04,p=.01) , Situational factors (F=49.93, p=0.01), skill development (F=48.11, p=0.01), friendship (F=33.82, p=0.01), fun (F=84.80, p=0.01) and sporty performance motivation (F=149.76, p=0.01) in two groups that observed with average effect in pretest.
Discussion: Results of this research showed significant relationship to doing variety physical activities on sporty performance motivation in sixth grade students.