The effect of 8 weeks of 11-adjusted 11 FIFA on performance and risk factors related to injury in soccer players 10 to 15 years in the base class
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Introduction: Football is a sport where extreme lower extremity involvement can be seen. Players are regularly shooting, changing fast paths, running, jumping and landing, which increases the incidence of lower limb damage. The present study compares the effect of the 8-week comprehensive heating program 11 moderated by the FIFA 11 comprehensive heating program on the performance of male players in the Mahan Club of Qorveh.
Methodology: The moderated heating program 11 is the same as the 11 FIFA program, with the exception that the second part of the shuttle ride was added to the third part of the program. Analysis of research hypotheses by analysis of variance for repeated data was performed using SPSS software version 23 at a significant level of α=0.05.
Results: The findings of the research indicated that between the effect of the comprehensive program of heating 11 FIFA and the comprehensive heating program 11, the accuracy of the shot ,speed, agility, vertical jump, balance dribbling, Static, and dynamic equilibrium. There are no significant differences between the players in the baseball players.
Discussion: The results of the study showed that the moderated FIFA 11 warm-up program improved speeds for male football players, while the comprehensive FIFA 11 heating program did not significantly change the speed of subjects. Also, there was no significant difference between the effects of two FIFA heating programs 11 and moderate heating program 11 on speed of subjects in the two groups. Regarding the fact that the FIFA 11 comprehensive heating program does not affect the speed and agility factors of the players in the post test against the pre-test and the significant effect of the comprehensive heating program 11 adjusted to these two factors, use of the modified program 11 instead of the program 11 FIFA is recommended for players and football coaches to strengthen the two factors.