Conceptual Framework to Identification and Specify Competitive Balance in Sport: Based on Scientific and Medias Content Analysis
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Introduction: Competitions and Sport League to stay dynamic in the field of Economic Contest in Sport, they needs to an optimal level of competitive Balance.The more great competitive the leagues team, the greater will be the balance and as result, the tournament's prediction becomes harder; and its mean more attractive league. This led to conduct with numerous scientific research and media's analysis from sport management and economy, and competitive balance studies of one of the dominant fields in terms of scientific and library facilities resources. In this research, a systematic review of the competitive balance has been done and based on this, a conceptual framework is developed.
Methodology: The research method was systematic qualitative studies. Statistical population include scientific and library facilities resources and the analytical content of the media was a matter of competitive balance in sports. Available samples were equal with 36 valid scientific references and 51 specialty media subjects. The transcripts tool was related to the content analysis technique. The validity of the tools was approved by the scribes. Conceptual coding and frameworks were used to systematize concepts and components, and the research frameworks was presented in the form of a theoretical system model.
Results: The identified perspectives in the model included the underlying factors, structural factors, strategies, processes and outcomes. The most frequent components in the sources are respectively include: coaches' quality, players' quality, transfer conditions, allocation of funds, sponsors, passionate fans, economic factors and presence of foreign players. Internal and external investigations had a distinct differences in terms of orientation, the components were evaluated and sport fields. Major research focused on team sports and related to European leagues.
Discussion: based on the framework presented, it can be said that the promotion of competitive balance in a league it requires different factors that involve a variety of roles from the player to the federation. Also this model shows that major importance of competitive activity is because of the economic and marketing aspects that unfortunately, in our country, there is less attention for it. Therefore, it is recommended to increase competitive balance in internal leagues; professional sports organizations by laying down the rules and designing the appropriate structures and programs with prioritizing transfers, club income system, broadcasting right and environmental advertising provided the conditions for the level of competition in the league to reach an optimal level of sustainability.