The decision of physical education teachers to use technology in education: application of the theory of planned behavior
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1Sports club management Department of Education
2عضو هیئت علمی دانشگاه کردستان/ دانشکده علوم انسانی و اجتماعی، گروه تربیت بدنی و علوم ورزشی
Introduction: The TPB was proposed by Ajzen (1985) as a form of the theory of independent practice, which predicts the occurrence of a particular behavior cording to this theory, the intention is to do one's behavior by three factors of attitude (positive or negative evaluation of an action), subjective norms (understanding social effects for doing or not doing behavior) and controlling perceived behavior (perception that a person has the ability to for doing a job) is projected. TPB is used in many business areas, but relatively few studies in the field of education have addressed TPB in order to understand the teachers' decision to use technology .One of the applications of technology is in the field of education And one of the important issues in education is the issue of physical education and sports. Technology is one of the main components in physical education at all levels of education. New technologies in the management of sports and recreational programs, how to communicate with customers and colleagues have a lot of influence. Therefore, with the current advancement of technology at global levels, it is essential for physical education and sports science teachers to learn how to work with this technology and to strengthen technology-related, self-efficacy and technology-oriented attitudes.
Methodology: This research is correlational and is based on structural equation modeling. The statistical population of this study was all sports teachers in Kermanshah province. Of these, 205 respondents voluntarily responded to the questionnaire .To collect data, a questionnaire was used to decide on the use of technology using the theory of planned behavior. Validity and reliability of the questionnaire were obtained through Cronbach's alpha. To analyze the data, analysis of variance and structural equation modeling have been used with the help of Amos and SPS software.
Results: The findings showed that the model has a good fit. Indicators are also statistically appropriate, and it can be concluded that the measurement patterns are well suited.
Discussion: This means that the theory of planned behavior can well measure the decision of physical education teachers to use technology in education.