Football Stadiums and Security: The Importance of Human resources
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1Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University
2University of Guilan
Introduction: To prevent hooligan activities in football stadiums, and possible terrorist threats, stadium authorities and football matches’ organizers should investigate and focus on strategies that might reduce risks and threats, while developing plans, policies, procedures and effective security measures to enhance stadiums safety and security. Accordingly, this study aimed to investigate the importance of human resources in securing football stadiums.
Methodology: A 17-items questionnaire in connection with the impact of personnel/staff on the security of the stadiums was designed and answered by the 144 key participants (including police officers, soccer experts and organizers, stadium managers). Obtained data were analyzed using exploratory factor analysis (EFA) with a varimax rotation in order to identify factors, Followed by a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) which was conducted to test the impact of the identified factors and items on the stadium security.
Results: The results showed that human resources (security and non-security forces) is one of the main factors affecting the security of the stadiums. Training personnel (t=13.45, P0.05) and credentialing (t=10.78, P0.05) them, respectively with 0.90 and 0.78 factor loading, are two sub-factors for human resources and effect on enhancement of stadiums security (P0.05).
Discussion: Human resources refers to all personnel involved in holding football matches at stadiums and consists of security (police forces) and non-security (stadium staff, firefighting, emergency, volunteers, etc.) staff members. These people must understand their role and responsibility during match day operations. We believe that more reliable and skilled personnel (both security and non-security) and their certification programs are the factors that ensure a safe and secure environment for the spectators, athletes, and officials in the stadiums.