Design of applicant rating in shooting
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Nowadays, in order to increase the accuracy and cost savings in the shooting guns in the field of rifle guns, modern electronic shooting soles are used in the shooting halls. These siblings do not need a cardboard sieve and pull back and show the result of firing on a monitor. At the end of the device, it also scales accurately. In addition to the technique of shooting, physical fitness, mental ability, knowing the results of shooting with ease, and communicating with the coach and applying his recommendations are the prerequisites for success. In the meantime, the use of modern technology plays a significant role in promoting the shooter's performance will be in the squad.
For many years, the use of electronic sticks has been recognized in international and national competitions, and examples of this technology have entered the country at a high cost sports federation from Switzerland. Due to the non-native nature of this technology, its subsidiary services have so far not been taken into consideration by the researchers, and given the properties of the smartphone software program, we have given the individual and mentor the results of the shooting of an individual through an app.
In this project, an applicant has been designed to provide information on the siblings and programming in Android operating system that displays the individual shooting results on a smartphone that is at the side of the shooter and allows reporting and comparison with the previous functions of the individual. Using such an applicant, there is the possibility of sending the shooter's data to remote coaches, and there is a relationship between the athlete and the coach.