The effect of therapeutic play on the development of the basic skill of manipulating the mentally retarded children
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yazd. ashkezar. khyaban taleghani.robaro moze mardom shenasi
Introduction: Basic motor skills are the foundation of specialized skills. In addition to enhancing environmental enrichment, it can also affect the development of these skills. The game plays an important role in the development of the child, and during the game you can see many features, issues and the child's development. The game is the most effective way of learning children and stimulating motor growth. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the effect of therapeutic games on the basic skills of manipulating mentally retarded children.
Methodology: In this study, 30 female students aged 7 - 10 years were selected by available sampling method with a mean IQ of 62.15 ± 7.49 years and mean age of 49.7 ± 15.62 and based on Before and after, we divided into two equal groups (therapeutic games, controls). The instrument of measurement was a great motor skills - Ulrich's second edition. For 6 weeks, each week, 3 sessions and 45 minutes each session were played for treatment. At the end of the day, both groups were taken. Data were analyzed with T-test and correlation analysis of variance.
Results: The results showed that the treatment group had better performance in the basic skills of manipulation than the control group and there was a significant difference between the two groups of therapy games and control (p<0.05).
Discussion: According to the results of this study, therapeutic games have a significant effect on the development of basic skills for the manipulation of mentally retarded children.