Effect of Martial Arts on Physical and Psychological Health of Human beings, Specially with Nearu Martial Arts Effects on Body and Mind
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Introduction: Sports have a significant effect to improve human being’s health, physically, psychologically and socially. The social effect is due to the gatherings in group exercise activities and sports, which will provide lots of opportunities for people to improve and learn social interactions and abilities. So, sports activities are a process of multi-dimensional progression in different cultural and social aspects of life. Studies show sports not only cause the physical health improvements, but also have effect on preventing the psychological and social disorders and anomalies. Sports will reduce depression and increase self-confidence and improves self-esteem. For children, sport activities will cause a healthy way of releasing the energy.
The connection and integrity between body and mind is accompanied with mutual and common interactions, i.e., the body affects mind and vice versa. In this paper, we have tried to provide a brief history of martial arts and investigate the effects of Nearu martial art on body and mind. The practitioners of Nearu martial art from Iran are considered as a case study to provide the information regarding this research.
Methodology: Our approach is based on the Content Analysis, Field Research with sample size of 100 students and using statistical tools based on questionnaires (filled by students or their parents). The data was analyzed by psycho-physical factors. The statistical population of students which the questionnaires were collected is 1500, whom are actively do the exercises, and the instructors are supervising, monitoring and gather the data continuously.
Results: Based on our observation before and after practicing the sport, specifically in youths, 65% of the students after 6 months of practice progressed physically (Corrected muscle balance and postures) and psychologically. The progress for age range of 6 to 12 was 54%, for age range of 13 to 18 was around 60%, for age range of 19 to 40 was more than 70% and for students over 40 years old was around 45%.
Discussion: In general, due to systematic approach, process-based syllabus and using corrected and unique breathing techniques of Nearu Martial Art, it helped to maintain and improve health, state of mind and to reduce the stress. Also it was shown by abandoning the exercise, old habits and problems occur again. All the information in this article was re-tested in other clubs and other cities,l and the same observations and conclusions was reached.