The Role of Sport Substrates in Development of Entrepreneurship in Sport Industry of Khorasan Razavi Province
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1Dabir tarbiat badani
2Assistant Professor in Sport Management, Imam Reza International University of Mashhad, Iran
Introduction: The aim of this study was to investigate the role of sport substrates in development of entrepreneurship in sport industry of Khorasan Razavi province.
Methodology: The study method with regards to practical purposes and type is an expository-geodesic study and data collection has been done as racetrack. participants are all PE teachers in Khorasan Razavi who had been chosen by Morgan table and random choice. 250 of them were selected as instances. In order to collect data an standard questionnaire (Hadavi and Saatchian 1394) is used. In order to validity apparent confirmation, the questionnaire was given to 5 physical education professors and experts and after investigation, some necessary corrections had been done. In order to validity contention confirmation, a discovery confirmation and analyze test were used. Also in order to permanence determination a primary investigation (30 questionnaires) by using Cronbach alpha test had been done and the result was 92.0. In order to analyze the participants, an expository analyze (Mean , standard bias , tables and diagrams draft ) and to analyze the research hypothesis a preceptive analyze were used. In order to analyze data , Excel 2010, SPSS 22 and LISPEL 8.80 software were used.
Results: The analyze of results showed that there was a great expressive correlation among all factors of competence also there is an expressive priority among elements of competence in Khorasan Razavi.
Discussion: According to this priority the element of sport advertising is the first and the elements of exigencies development of sport, sport equipment, education and studying, location management,sport plans, sport services,cultural domain and technology domain are second to eighth rates. Also the research shows that the elements are not in appropriate condition in society. According to the result the sport heads and authorities should pay serious attention to each of these elements and solve problems and issues which competent are facing, in order to make a situation according to the specific economic and management condition in the city , specially graduated unemployed problems and take an action for decreased intention to competence.