Effects of 8 weeks Tabata water exercise on body mass of obese elderly
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1Pardis specialized wellness institute
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Introduction: Water-based exercises are recommended for elderly people, due to the beneficial effects on physical function, quality of life and symptom reduction. Because of the unique hydrodynamic properties, HIIT performed in an aquatic environment presents individuals with a safe and lower weight-bearing aerobic alternative to land-based interval training programs. The aim of this study was to assess the effects of Tabata water exercise programs influence of body mass and body mass index in variables.
Methodology: The Tabata water exercise was administered for a period of 8 weeks, 3 days a week; a session each day. 20 seconds of maximum effort followed by a 10-second rest, repeated 8 X for a total of 4 minutes, all with the same exercise. 8 different exercises (high knee jog, XC ski, wide jog, JJ, “hiney” jog, tuck jump, washing machine, rocking horse) = 32 minutes! With a 2- minute moderate intensity recovery period between each 4-minute Tabata set, you’ll have a tremendous 48 min. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of a protocol of Tabata water exercises influence of body mass and body mass index. For this target 24 elderly men with overweight randomly divided in two groups: control group and experimental group. T test was used to examine the variables within each group, and ANOVA was employed to compare groups with each other.
Results: The results of T-score showed there were significant improvements in body mass index and body mass in experimental group.
Discussion: It was observed that water-based exercises can be effective on improving body mass index and increasing body mass.