Examine customer expectations of football schools (Case study: Kerman province)
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1PhD Candidate of sport management, Guilan University
2Assistant Professor in Guillan University
3Teacher in Education
Introduction: In today's competitive world, paying attention to customers and delivering their services is a must for every success. The importance and growth of the sports industry today is not overlooked by anyone, and the controversy is clear. In the educational sector, football schools are of particular importance because they are faced with a huge stratum that will shape the future of football in the country. Therefore, football schools should have the necessary qualities and, on the other hand, eliminate as far as possible the expectations of their clients. For this purpose, the present study aimed to study the expectations of customers from football schools in Kerman province.
Methodology: The research method was descriptive-survey. The statistical population included the parents of all boys who participated in the football schools in Kerman province in the summer of 1396. The sampling method was a multi-stage cluster and 213 parents were selected as the sample. The research instrument was a researcher-made questionnaire that was designed based on initial interviews with some parents and then verified by four sports management experts (CVI = 0.88), the reliability of the questionnaire was calculated using the Cronbach's alpha method, which was equal to (α = 0.81). Descriptive statistics (mean, frequency, percentage, tables, standard deviation) and inferential (T single sample test and Friedman ranking test) were used to analyze the data. All analyzes were performed using SPSS 21 software.
Results: The results of this study showed that customers' expectations from football schools include: security and order, efficient training, enjoyment and respect, pricing and proper services (P <0.05). Friedman Ranking Test Results show that there is a significant difference between the expectations level, so that the expectations of customers from football schools are important, respectively: appropriate pricing and services, effective training, enjoyment and respect, and security and order (P<0.05).
Discussion: Given the recognition of the expectations of customers from football schools, football schools must show their attention to customer expectations in a way that respects the customer, and it is better to focus on these expectations based on each rank. Otherwise, the leading football schools in the field of customer satisfaction will easily win the competition.