The Relationship between Services Quality and Purchase Intention of Isfahan Private Sports Clubs Customers
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1Assistant professor, sport management, faculty of physical education and sports sciences, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasgan) brunch, Isfahan, Iran
2MSc, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasgan) brunch
Introduction: Today's world is the world of rapid and extensive changes in all dimensions. During recent years, the word of quality has been used widely more than before. Services quality in organizations has various outcomes which may build the future of the organization. One of the consequences of re-purchasing and loyalty. Therefore, the present study investigates relationship between services quality and purchase intention of Isfahan private sports clubs customers.
Methodology: This research was a practical one in terms of purpose and a descriptive- correlative one in terms of nature. Statistical population of this study includes customers of Isfahan private sports clubs which in total include 96000 of the study statistical population.. Sample size was determined by Kerjesi and Morgan table that it was 384 people. Also, in this study, Measuring tools were structured researcher questionnaire of purchase intention and the standard Zabid services questionnaire (2002) for gathering the data; and its reliability and validity were tested for this research (Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient 0.83 and 0.84). The questionnaires were distributed randomly among different selected areas in private sports clubs. Software SPSS version 22 and LISREL were used for data analysis.
Results: The results showed that both factorial and structured models benefited from enough fitting. All fitting indices were in acceptable range for both models indicating the acceptability of these models in terms of quantity and statistics. Respecting to the results obtained from structural equations modeling, the relationship between services quality and customer's intent to buy again with 0.51%. Also, according to the results, there is a positive and significant relationship between services quality and purchase intention of Isfahan private sports clubs customers.
Discussion: Among those elements, the element of services quality responsiveness and purchase intention had the most effect with 0.67%, and the element of sympathy and purchase intention had the least effects with 0.39%.