An exploratory factor analysis of celebrity athletes’ characteristics for advertising and promoting
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Introduction: Due to the growing popularity of sports and celebrity athletes consequently, the use of athletes in advertising and marketing has become a very important phenomenon. In the meantime, most companies compete with each other in the use of celebrity athletes in advertising and promotion their products and they are seeking more productivity by understanding this emerging way and promotion their products by athletes. The general objective of this research is to identify the characteristics of athletes in advertising of products.
Methodology: This research is a correlation research. The statistical population of this study was university students from all over the country who were selected by cluster sampling and 236 people participated randomly in the research. The data collection tool was a researcher-made questionnaire whose reliability was confirmed by experts and university teachers and the reliability confirmation was obtained by Cronbach’s alpha of α =91%. For analysis of data, exploratory factor analysis with varimax rotation was used.
Results: The findings of exploratory factor analysis showed that there is a high correlation between the research questions with respect to the KMO=889 % In fact, 5 factors were extracted that the agents were identified from the concept and the name of the questions in the agent.
Discussion: The obtained factors respectively to assigned the highest level of their own variance were: athlete skill and expertise, the homogeneity and integrity of the product and the athlete, trust of the community to the athlete, the physical attractiveness and athletic appearance of the athlete, and the recommendation and product warranties advertise by athlete. Meanwhile, these five factors explained about 66.13 percent of the total variance, which actually showed the correctness of the questions. At the same time, the athlete’s skill and expertise with 37.61 showed the most effect on advertising. The findings of this research are compatible with the results of Jespersen (2017), Cunningham (2012), Bergkvist and Zhou (2016). By this research findings, it is suggested that by choosing a competent athlete and strengthening independent and influential factors in advertising, this potential could be used to promote and introduce products and services to the community, and also in other aspects of marketing.