The effect of eight weeks of Pilates exercises on the postural control , muscular strength and orienting of women blind
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Paper ID : 1891-11THCONF
1khorasgan university
2Associate Professor in Corrective Exercises and Sport Injury, School of Sports Sciences, University of Isfahan, Isafahan, Iran
3Phd of Student, Sport Injuries and Corrective Exercises, Factuly of Physical Education and Sport Sciences Tehran University, Iran
Introduction: The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of pilates on postural control, muscular strength and orienting of women blind.
Methodology: All the blind women of Shahre-Kord who have medical files in the Behzisti. Composed the statistical society of present study. Among these patients 20 women who had the qualities of interring present study were chosen purposefully and were divided into equal groups of Pilates exercise (10 people with the average and standard deviation 29/40 ± 2/67 of age, 62/80 ± 3/43 of weight, 160/30 ± 12 of height) and the control group (10 people with the average and standard deviation 29/30 ± 3/43 of age, 61/00 ± 5/57 of weight , 160/40 ± 3/37 of height). Pilates group did the exercise for 8 weeks and 3 sessions each week. Control group did the ordinary daily exercise . Before and after dynamic balance exercise were measured with the flamingo and Y, muscular strength of Rectus femoris and Hamstring were measured by dynamometer and orienting test respectively.
Results: The analysis of the variance with the level of 0/05 . About the static balance (F = 8/72 & P = 0/008) dynamic balance in anterior direction (F= 61/32 & P = 0/000) dynamic balance in the exterior posterior direction (F =23/40 & P = 0/000) and dynamic balance in the interior posterior (F = 66/05 & P= 0/000) direction between 2 experimental and control groups the average of diffrences regarding the statistics were meaningful. The average of differences about the Rectus femoris and Hamstring muscular strength regarding the statistics were meaningful. About orienting, the average of differences regarding the statistic was meaningful.
Discussion: As Pilates exercises lead to improving the postural control , muscular strength and orienting of the women blind , so these exercising can be regarded as a complementary protocol beside other cures.