A Survey of correlation model of work ethics and General Health of Male Students Sport Teams coaches and heads
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Ph.D Student of Sport Management, Sport Sciences Research Institute of Iran, Tehran
Introduction: Today, mental health is one of the pillars of health assessment in different societies. Undoubtedly, mental health plays an important role in ensuring the dynamism and efficiency of each community. Since the education staff is a part of the talented corps, selected and constructors of tomorrow's country, so their mental health has a special importance in learning and raising scientific awareness. Society needs to define the features of work ethics, such as attachment to work, partnership spirit, trust, interaction with each other, etc and the creation of a cultural context to achieve it.
Methodology: The present study was a field research using correlation test which has done on 123 coaches and heads of sport teams participated at the 31st national sport competition male students of primary schools. Work Ethics questionnaire which developed by Thomas and Batman (2004) and Persian version of General Health questionnaire (GHQ-28) were used. Analyses were conducted using K-S Pearson Correlation Coefficient and Multiple Regression.
Results: There is a positive significant relation between Work Ethics with General health of coaches and heads. Therefore the results of present study showed that Work Ethics has positive effect on general health’s components include somatic symptoms, anxiety and sleep disorder, social Function, depression symptoms.
Discussion: The results showed that there is a significant relation between Work Ethics with general health. As a result, increasing the mental health of individuals increases work ethic in them and vice versa. The result is in consistent with some preceding studies included Kiyani et al (2008), Farahani (2012), Avatefi Monfared (2012), Karam Pouriyan (2013), Kahroudi (2014), Soltanzade et al (2014) and Taghvayee Yazdi (2016). Since mental health of sport teams coaches and heads, especially coaches and heads of student teams is associated with the quality of their performance, healthy work environment with mental health condition is necessary for having better performance.