The impact of word-of-mouth electronic advertising on purchase intention sporting goods through brand equity (case study: sports clothing)
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1فرهنگی شاغل در آموزش و پرورش
2Imamreza international university
Introduction: The aim of the current research is to investigate way of electronic word of mouth (EWOM) effect, brand advertisement, brand known quality, brand association and brand loyalty to sports equipment customers intention. This research with regards to conclusion and purpose is practical,with regards to strategy is correlation and had performed as racetrack.
Methodology: Participants are all costumers in sport equipment stores and reliable branches inside and outside of Mahshad. With regards to using structural equation modeling method,the instance quantity had been chosen according to logical mass of needed .instance for model production This quantity will be determined according to the quantity of measures. According to the amount of talk of questionnare (22 talks) in this research the quantity of instances is at least 110 and at last 330 people.
Due to some of established questionnaires may not be completed , 400 questionnaires were established and 287 of them were analysed. In order to collecting data from (EWOM) Bamboer , Sache AND Mangold (2011),Aker significant brand value(1991) and buying intention Hoo and assistants, were used. In order to classify the data and test the research hypothesis, Kolmogrof Smirnef, Spirman correlation in SPSS software and structural and analytic equation modeling in AMOS software were used.
Results: The results showed that between (EWOM) and significant value dimensions which are brand advertisement , Brand known quality and Brand loyalty to costumers intention is an expressive effect but according to the research method of (EWOM) effect and Brand association on costumers intention were no expressive effect.
Discussion: Eventually according to the results of instance of the research it considerd that by advertising development on the internet , their effect on costumers knowledge and their understanding of quality the products have improved and the amount of loyal costumers will increase, so this factors can be effective on costumers behavior.