Effects of HIIT, MCT and combined training (MCT + HIIT) on physical fitness and body composition of untrained overweight girl students
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Hormozgan University
Introduction: The purpose of the present study was comparing the effects high-intensity interval training (HIIT), moderate continuous training (MCT) and combination of MCT+HIIT on physical fitness and body composition of overweight untrained female students of Hormozgan university.
Methodology: For this purpose, 32 untrained female students of Hormozgan University voluntarily participated in this study, who were randomly divided into four groups (n=8). The HIIT group exercises included six 1-minute training at full intensity and 1 minute active rest between each repetition, the MCT group included two 20-minutes running with 65-80% of maximum power and 2 minutes rest and finally the combined group exercises included a 20-minutes continuous running along with weight lifting exercises. The control group had only their daily activities. The training program was performed three sessions per week for 8 weeks. Body composition, muscle strength, muscular endurance, aerobic power and anaerobic power were measured in all groups before and after of exercise protocol. Eventually, the recorded data were analyzed using SPSS software.
Results: The results of this study showed that weight, body mass index (BMI) and fat percentage were significantly decreased in all three training groups and there was a significant increase in the control group (p<0.05). Muscular endurance and aerobic power in HIIT and MCT groups were significantly increased, but there was no significant change in the combined and control groups. Anaerobic power increased significantly only in HIIT and combined groups, and muscle strength improvement was only significant in the combined group. Also, weight, BMI and fat percentage were significantly lower in all three training groups than the control group, which this decrease was significantly higher in the MCT group and then in the HIIT group and less in the combined group. Muscular endurance and aerobic power in HIIT and MCT groups and also muscle strength in the combined group were significantly higher in comparison to the control group (p<0/05). In other variables, no difference was observed between the groups.
Discussion: Regarding the results of this study, it seems that moderate continuous training had a greater effect on weight loss than other types of exercise in this study, although all the three types of exercise reduced the weight of obese girls. Therefore, comparing the effects of this three different types of exercises, high-intensity interval training provided the most benefits of training and so we suggested this type of exercise due to the short duration of the training.