Sanctions and Sports: Analysis Impact of Sanctions on Iran's Sport
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1Sport management department, Sport management research center, sport science research institute, Tehran, Iran
2Sport management department, Isfahan University, Isfahan , Iran
3Islamic Azad University, science and research branch, Tehran, Iran
4Islamic Azad university, science and research branches,Tehran, Iran
Introduction: In recent years, "sanction" has been one of the most widely used words in our political, economic, and social literature. A sanction is a coordinated action by a group that involves refusing to have a business relationship or any relationship with another person or group with the aim of punishing or compensating for losses. The purpose of economic sanctions is to impose economic and political costs on the sanctioned country and according to what some research has shown, sanctions can have positive and negative effects on different parts of a country. One of the areas that is in many cases affected by sanctions in various countries is the field of sport. Thus, the present research aims to study the impact of sanctions on Iran's sport.
Methodology: This is a field research using mixed method. The samples of the qualitative part of the research and for designing the research tool are experts of sport and economic and the samples of quantitative part of the research are experts and stakeholders of management and sport (n=92). A researcher-made questionnaire was used to collect information and its validity and reliability were confirmed. The exploratory factor analysis in SPSS software and confirmatory factor analysis in 22nd version of Amos software were used.
Results: Research results indicate 5 significant factors resulting from sanctions in sport including financial problems, knowledge and technology problems, problems in international interactions, marketing and economics problems.
Discussion: Based on obtained results, it is obvious that authorities should pay special attention to domestic production and the creation of support packages from the government and the banking sector for manufacturers and the expansion of the platforms for the production and sale of goods, especially critical and strategic goods, particularly, in the electronic equipment and clothes. Equipping and educating colleges and students about software in sports related scopes could be a fundamental step towards reducing dependency to foreign countries to have first-level coaches and players. We should try to reduce dependency towards international monetary and financial structures by adopting discourse policies and using the experience of other advanced countries in this area.