Codifying the strategic plan of Lorestan Province Wrestling Board
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Introduction: Today's, sports organizations, are exposed to many environmental changes. To resist this changes and developing of the sport and progress of their sports, the organizations have to devise strategic plans. Therefore, the aim of this study, is codification of strategic planning of Lorestan province wrestling board.
Methodology: This type of research is descriptive research. The aim of this study was Developing the strategic plan of Lorestan Province Wrestling Board. The population of the study included the chairmen and deputy chairmen of Lorestan Wrestling Boards, coaches, referees, managers and experts of sports and youth organization of province and towns, sports main administration of education and masters of Lorestan Universities that 169 persons of them were purposefully selected as the sample. The instruments of the study were researcher-made questionnaires that their validity was judged by 10 experts in so-called area and the reliability got the value of 0.945 through Cronbach's alpha method. For compiling and extraction of the strategies, SWOT analysis and for ranking, Friedman test were used.
Results : results of the study revealed that the "Lorestan Province Board of Wrestling" in the current situation was faced with 11 Strengths, 18 Weaknesses, 14 Opportunities and, 14 Threats. Besides the results indicated that the strategic position of the "Lorestan Province Board of Wrestling " in the inner and outer matrix was located at the WO position At the end, according to the strategic analysis, developing the strategic plan which includes the mission statement, prospective statement, key areas of the performance, the pivotal values, long - term objectives and required strategies for " Lorestan Province Board of Wrestling" was settled.
Discussion: Then the results of this study suggest that researchers consider each of the results of such developed strategies to progress and implement an appropriate action plan to achieve the objectives, the promotion and development of the considering the Lorestan province wrestling position.