Analysis of the factors influencing the use of celebrities in advertising (Case Study of the Country Football Schools)
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Paper ID : 1933-11THCONF
1Department of Sport Management, Sport Sciences Research Institute, Tehran, Iran
2Department of Physical Education, Alborz University, Mohammadiyeh, Iran
Introduction: Nowadays, Sport in developing countries has become an income-generating industry, and sports directors are looking for solutions that can best utilize their potential around them. In this regard, sponsorship is one of the means of communicating with consumers. In a period when organizations spend a large amount of resources on the use of celebrity in their advertising, these using individuals should be compatible with the main marketing strategies of the organization. Considering that no research so far has been carried out on the factors influencing the use of celebrity in club promotion, the purpose of this research was to analyze factors affecting the use of celebrity in the club's ads in Iran and developed countries.
Methodology: The method of doing this research was correlation- scrolling and in terms of collecting data was taken in field form - total number. The statistical community included 520 people of coaches from the soccer academy of the country. In this area uses from the standard questionnaire Ohanian, Robina, (1990) that validity was confirmed by the professors. Total reliability questionnaire was obtained whit using Grenobach Alpha coefficient 0/9. In questionnaire was used for Likert value range 7. In this research were used of inferential statistical methods of Pearson-Spearman correlation test, regression, structural model, Galmagrof Smirnov test in AMOS software and SPSS version 24, to analyze the factors affecting to use of celebrity in advertising.
Results: The results of the research showed that all the items designed in the tool were approved by the research samples. Also, after deleting some items in the confirmation analysis, the results indicated degree more important of attractiveness component in comparison to other influential factors. Hence, the authorities and coaches of clubs in using of celebrity, in addition to the right choice of people according to the social, cultural and individual status, the attractiveness component is the most important factor in attracting audiences in the clubs.
Discussion: Despite these factors, due to the absence of using celebrity by clubs individuals, the celebrities have established football schools, and with that conditions, have attracted people in their private football schools.