The Effect of Far and Near External Focus of Attantional Distance on Agility of Lower Limbs in Free Basketball Shot
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1گروه تربیت بدنی، واحد تبریز، دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی، تبریز، ایران
2گروه مهندسی پزشکی، واحد تبریز، دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی، تبریز، ایران
Introduction: The main purpose of this research was to study the effect of far and near external attention focus distance on agility of lower limbs in free shot in basketball.
Methodology: The study was a semi-experimental type of study using pre and post- test research plan. So, 30 volunteer students have been participated in this regard. After the training session, these divided into 3 groups: Near External, Far External and control group. Data Collection tool were fixed shot test. After the training session, in the acquisition test instructions were provided to near and far the external focus groups was at the beginning of each category. Retention test was carried out a day later with the same conditions but without the instruction. Transfer test was done without any instruction after two hours of retention, by changing the place of the throw (launch angle to the ring). During the test, the mean scores were recorded. For near external group launch angle was given as an instruction and for far external group was provided the ring as the related variable and for control group no instruction at all. Kinematics of motion was recorded during test sessions (pretest, acquisition, retention and transfer) using 4 cameras and analyzed by Kinovea software. The multi variables analysis and the repeated analysis as well as covariance analysis in p≤0.05 were also used in this study.
Results: The results showed the far external focus of attention has a positive impact towards the near external focus of attention on the agility of lower limbs.
Discussion: The Results of this research matched with the views presented in the focus of attention in motor control.