Effects of 4 weeks of cross-fit and traditional training during pre-season preparation period on young soccer player's physical fitness
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Faculty of Sport Sciences and Health, Shahid Beheshti University
Introduction: Aim of this study was to compare the effects of four-week cross-fit training and traditional training on soccer player's physical fitness within and during pre-season general preparation.
Methodology: For this purpose, twenty professional players (age, 19.35 ± 2.03 yrs; height, 173 ± 3 cm; weight, 66.2 ± 2.9 kg) who had experience of at least play at national level for two years, were selected and then randomly divided into two groups: cross-fit (n=10) and traditional (n=10). The subjects were trained for four weeks, 5 day a week that followed by 2 rest day in each week. The main part in cross-fit training at each session lasted 20 min but for traditional training was 45 min. Physical fitness components include cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, strength and muscle endurance were assessed Before and 48 hours after the training period by cooper's 12 min run/walk test, sit and reach, squat and push-up, respectively.
Results: The results demonstrated significant increases in all of indices for both groups (P<0.05). Difference in cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle endurance and flexibility were statically significant between two groups (P<0.05), traditional group was better in strength, but between group differences was not significant (P>0.05). Because, the subjects in this study were very close to their physiological capacity, the higher results in the cross-fit training demonstrate the efficiency of this training.
Discussion: The results of this study recommends the cross-fit training to soccer trainer in order to bringing physical fitness of their players to peak in lower time period. cross-fit training improved their fitness better than the traditional training.