The effect of teacher’s communication skills faculty of sport sciences at university of Guilan on teaching effectiveness
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Introduction: Nowadays, higher education, in addition to producing, popularization, and publishing of science, has a major responsibility to educate and train the country's human resources and to achieve a developed and advanced society in various dimensions. To reach these goals successfully, there are several factors, among which is the significant role of professors and faculty members. In order to perfectly cope with their role, faculty members should improve teaching capabilities. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between communication skills of faculty members and their teaching effectiveness.
Metodology: The statistical population of the study consisted of students of the faculty of Sport Sciences of Guilan University and 149 students were selected as the statistical sample. The research method was descriptive-correlation type. The data gathering tool was two questionnaires including: Barton's communication skills (BCS) and Researcher-made teaching effectiveness questionnaire (RTEQ). Structural equation modeling was used in SMART PLS 2 software to analyze collected data. Content validity of questionnaires was determined by the relevant professors and experts, and convergent and divergent validity were also verified by the software. Moreover, the combined reliability of 0.926, 0.939 for BCS, RTEQ, respectively, was determined by the PLS software and approved.
Results: The findings of the research showed that 39.6% and 60.4% of respondents were female and male, respectively and the general fitness index of GOF model was 0.653 (>0.36), so the overall fitness of the research model was high level. The results showed that although there is no significant relationship between communication skills and teaching effectiveness (t = 1.197, r = 0.050).
Discussion: The results of this study showed that to achieve higher education goals, the faculty members should concentrate the most on communication skills on teaching effectiveness.