Investigation of relationship between stress and burnout among coaches
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Introduction: Coaching is a challenging job so that stress and pressure are permanent. This may be due to the wide variety of unique stresses (such as pressure to win, parents' interference in work or disregard, disciplinary problems, long hours spent planning, practicing, traveling, scouting and recruiting) that exist in coaching. Researchers have argued that burnout is a fatigue or failure that occurs due to a cause or a relationship that causes failure. Thus, the necessity of studying the relationship between stress and burnout among coaches is felt. Accordingly, the purpose of this research was to find out the relationship among stress and burnout among male and female coaches.
Methodology: So, 140 coaches were chosen. For collection data 3 questionnaires were used such as Personal information stress and Burnout questionnaires. In analyzing the data, descriptive statistical for designing tables and diagrams and distribution indicators like mean, median and mode were used. Also inferential statistics were used in a meaningful level (P<0.05) to test the research hypotheses through variance, Pearson correlation and t-test.
Results: The results showed that there is a meaningful relationship between burnout and stress among female and male coaches (P<0.05). There were differences among male and female coaches with regard to stress and burnout.
Discussion: Stress and burnout are associated with psychological and physiological symptoms. Thus, with the immediate diagnosis and the ability to recognize the factors that are effective in reducing them, injury to coaches and athletes was prevented.
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