The effect of fine motor games and mobile games with the integration of visual - motor children
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1دانشگاه علوم تحقیقات
2استادیار پژوهشگاه تربیت بدنی و علوم ورزشی
3Assistant Prof. in Motor Behaviour, Science & Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: The aim of this study was to check the effect of delicate motion games and playing with mobile on the integrity of vision-movement of preschool children.
Methodology: This research is semi-experimental. The research design was a post-test pretest with two experimental groups and one control group. Based on this, it was randomly selected one school and three classes of that school among girls' preschool centers in the second district of Tehran. 45 children were randomly assigned to two experimental delicate motion games, playing with mobile and a control group. After selecting people, subjects by Bender - Gestalt vision-movement test and Frosting test were evaluated as the pre-test. After evaluating the pre-test, the experimental group participated in the selected games. One of the test groups were placed under the influence of experimental variable delicate motion games (tower, jacquard, needle and yarn games) and the other experimental group was affected by the mobile game (Subway and Ninja Fruit). The equipment was provided to each child. Experimental groups in one month in 10 sessions of 30 minutes was influenced by the experimental variables: delicate motion games and mobile games. During this period, the control group did not receive any training. They did regular school activities and did not have regular and effective sports activities. After completing the training period, all subjects, in the same environment and in the same way as the pre-test, Bender - Gestalt vision-movement test and Frosting test was performed as a post-test. To examine the effect of the training intervention on each subscale of the vision-movement coordination were used repeated variance analysis and post hoc test. All data analysis was performed by using SPSS version 20 software.
Results: The results showed that delicate motion games and playing with mobile have a significant effect on vision-movement coordination skills; but the effect of the delicate motion games was more than playing with the mobile.
Discussion: Therefore, we conclude that motor games as a new practice method has necessary attractiveness, dynamism, and mobility to motivate and thrive in children and had more positive effects on improving the performance of vision-movement coordination skills particularly the eyes and hands coordination.