Author = Ahmad Mahmoudi
Number of Proceedings: 4

1 Prediction of marketing performance through the manager''s recreational business intelligence of sport centers
Ahmad Mahmoudi*; Habib Honari; Ali Jamshidi; Shokoufeh Ganji
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2 Analysis the functional indicators in managing the governmental and nongovernmental sports organizations
Ali Jamshidi*; Ahmad Mahmoudi; Habib Honari; Nadia NazerFard
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3 The Priority of Factors Affecting on Decision-Making Style of Sport Products Buyers
Ahmad Mahmoudi; Vali Alizadeh*; Javad Shahlayi Bagheri; Leyli Alizadeh
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4 Identifying the Cause of Corruption in Iranian football Industry with a Qualitative Approach
Ahmad Mahmoudi*; Habib Honari; Jalil Younesi; Javad Shahlayi Bagheri
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