Author = Salar Hariri
Number of Proceedings: 4

1 The proportion of the ergonomic indexes of the body-building equipments in open spaces of Tabriz with the anthropometric indexes of female users
Amir Ghiamirad*; Farhad Esmkhani Akbarinezhad; Salar Hariri
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2 The effects of functional training on balance and gait among educable mentally retarded adolescents
Mahsa Ghanbari*; Amir Ghiamirad; Salar Hariri
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3 The Anthropometric Profile of Elite Iranian Male Karate Athletes with Emphasis on Talent Detection
Salar Hariri*; Vahid Akbari; Mahsa Ghanbari; Ahmad Tolouei Azr
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4 Presenting a biomechanical model to examine the dynamic arameters of two implementations methods of Jodan Mawashi-Geri technique in Elite Male karate players
Salar Hariri*; Heydar Sadeghi; Amir Ghiamirad
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