Author = Majid Mozafari Zadeh
Number of Proceedings: 3

1 The Effect of Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Improving the Symptoms of Bulimia Nervosa among Athletes
Majid Mozafari Zadeh*; Seyed Morteza Tayebi; Soheila Yazdani Ghalecheh
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2 The Effect of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Exposure Technique on Sport Injury Anxiety among Athletes (Case study)
Majid Mozafari Zadeh*; Soheila Yazdani Ghalecheh; Fatemeh Heidari
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3 Examining the Relationship of Dark Triad Personality Traits with Doping Attitude of Iranian Competitive Athletes
Fatemeh Heidari*; Majid Mozafari Zadeh; Jasem Manouchehri
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