Author = Maliheh Hadadnezhad
Number of Proceedings: 4

1 Investigating the immediate effect of specific plyometric warm-up exercises on knee joint position sense in elite female gymnasts
Nadia Bahrami Pooran; Maliheh Hadadnezhad*; Amir Letafatkar
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2 The effect of six week perturbation exercises on the dynamic balance of teenage soccer player predispose to lower extremity injuries
Hamid Afroozeh*; Maliheh Hadadnezhad; Mahdi Khaleghi Tazjie
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3 Comparison of Glenohumeral Joint Laxity, Shoulder Pain and Scapular Resting Position in Disabled Athletes
Yousef Yarahmadi*; Maliheh Hadadnezhad
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4 The effect of balance training on postural control stability of athletes with chronic ankle instability by manipulating proprioceptive, visual and auditory information
Hadi Miri*; Seyed Sadrodin Shojaodin; Amir Hossein Barati; Maliheh Hadadnezhad; Shahram Ahanjan
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