Author = Bahador Azizi
Number of Proceedings: 3

1 Investigating the role of health care education and the quality of service provision on citizens' satisfaction and returning to aquatic-recreational activities in the Dargaz city pools
Omid Sheykh*; Vahid Saatchian; Mohamad Keshtidar; Bahador Azizi
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2 Evaluation the Performance of the Football Federation Refereeing Department from the Referee's Viewpoint Using the BSC method
Alireza Sayyad*; Vahid Saatchian; Bahador Azizi
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3 The effect of awareness in legal principles of sports on the student's attitude toward the field and future profession
Javid Pourabdi*; Vahid Saatchian; Bahador Azizi; Mahdi Esfahani
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