Author = Ali Shamsi Majelan
Number of Proceedings: 5

1 The effect of 12 weeks wrestling + specific warm-up program on FMS scores in cadet wrestlers
Rasoul Bayati*; Ali Shamsi Majelan; Bahman Mirzaie
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2 The influence of educating the right pattern for daily activities to parents on girl teenage student's posture with upper body imbalance.
Somaye Moridi*; Ali Shamsi Majelan; Nader Samami
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3 The effect of visual, proprioception and vestibular systems on postural control in Intellectual disabled students.
Zahra Habibi*; Ali Shamsi Majelan; Parisa Sedaghati
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4 The effects of multidirectional soccer-specific fatigue on neuromascular risk factors of ACL injury after the jump-landing in various direction
Seyed Saeed Mirghazanfari*; Ali Shamsi Majelan; Seyed Hossein Hosseini
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5 Center-Of-Pressure displacements of professional soccer players with the history of anterior cruciate ligaments reconstruction after soccer specific fatigue protocol (SAFT 90)
Amin Parsa*; Hassan Daneshmandi; Ali Shamsi Majelan
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