Author = Hojjat Zamani Sani
Number of Proceedings: 3

1 The difference between collective efficacy and emotional sport among healthy and disable athletes
Hojjat Zamani Sani; Kosar Abbaspour*; Mina Keshavarz; Zahra Fathie Rezaie; Maryam Darabi
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2 Sport status in prediction of substance abuse among students
Hojjat Zamani Sani*; Mahdi Bashiri; Zahra Fathie Rezaie; Behzad Shalchi
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3 The comparison of collective efficacy and emotional intelligence among healthy and disabled athletes
Zahra Fathie Rezaie*; Elaheh Yousefi; Mahdiyeh Mohamadi; Mahsa Nazari; Hojjat Zamani Sani
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