Author = Ali Mohammadi
Number of Proceedings: 6

1 The Effect of Communication Skills and its Components on the Efficiency of Physical Education Teachers in East Azarbaijan Province
Bahram Akbarikhoshemehr*; Salman Jafari; Saleh Bahari; Ali Mohammadi
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2 The study of factors affecting on sailing-based tourism, water rafting (the case study of Maragheh)
Saleh Bahari; Bahram Akbarikhoshemehr*; Salman Jafari; Ali Mohammadi
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3 The relationship professional ethics salesmen Sports equipment with trust, commitment and loyalty customers store from point of view of physical education students and graduates across the country
Salman Jafari*; Bahram Akbarikhoshemehr; Ali Mohammadi; Saleh Bahari
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4 To locate sports facilities in Maragheh city using geographic information system (GIS)
Ali Mohammadi; Salman Jafari*; Bahram Akbarikhoshemehr; Pouran Karbasi
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5 The pattern strategic planning with approach sport tourism development in Tabriz city
Salman Jafari*; Bahram Akbarikhoshemehr; Ali Mohammadi; Atefeh Shargi
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6 The relevecy of relationship marketing with loyalty and satisfaction of football players from point of view country's club managers and media members
Salman Jafari*; Ali Mohammadi; Bahram Akbarikhoshemehr; Atefeh Shargi
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