Author = Mahdi Khaleghi Tazjie
Number of Proceedings: 4

1 The relationship between lower extremity stiffness during hopping tests with performance in vertical jumps
Mohamadamin Mohamadian*; Heydar Sadeghi; Mahdi Khaleghi Tazjie
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2 Comparison of Effect of Running Different Speeds on Coordination and Coordination Variability between Trunk, Pelvic, and Hip during Treadmill Running
Aazam Valizadeh*; Mahdi Khaleghi Tazjie; Ali Abbasi
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3 Comparison of the effect of local fatigue on the variability of knee extensor muscle torque in healthy subjects with anterior cruciate ligament rupture
Mohsen Majidi*; Mahdi Khaleghi Tazjie; Rasoul Najar Ghabel
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4 The effect of six week perturbation exercises on the dynamic balance of teenage soccer player predispose to lower extremity injuries
Hamid Afroozeh*; Maliheh Hadadnezhad; Mahdi Khaleghi Tazjie
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