Keywords = Resistance training
Number of Proceedings: 6

1 Effects of Different Intensity of Acute Resistance Training on Cognitive Function in Older Adults
Fatemeh Shaabani*; Ali Esmaeili; Zahra Salman
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2 Effects of resistance training and detraining period on the LVIDS, LVIDD, PWT,IVST,FS%,RWT indices of the Left ventricular sedentary men
Hasan Naghizadeh*; Seyed Mojtaba Payedar; Ensiyeh Alsadat Faghihzadeh
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3 The effects of 10 weeks Pilates and resistance training on coagulation factors in sedentary women
Yasaman Shirnejad*; Abdolhossein Taheri Kalani
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4 The effects of 10 weeks pilates and resistance training on insulin resistance in sedentary women
Shahla Heidarizadeh*; Abdolhossein Taheri Kalani
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5 Effects of 8 weeks of hypoxic and normoxic resistance training and hypoxic exposure on vascular structure in overweight men
Sahar Kamankesh*; Vahid Tadibi; Naser Behpoor
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6 Comparison of blood creatinine level in elderly men untrained and competitive trained in response to resistance training and melatonin supplements
Masoud Khorsandi Kolur*; Mahdi Ghahremani; Bahman Mirzaei
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