Keywords = Multiple Sclerosis
Number of Proceedings: 4

1 The Effect of 12 Week Combined Exercise Training on Fibrin De Dimer and Interlukin-6 Levels in Female Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Zahra Raisi*; Mohammad Faramarzi; Ebrahim Bani-Talebi
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2 The Effect of 8-Week Burdenko Exercise on Fatigue, Flexibility and Power in Women with Multiple Sclerosis
Sakineh Salbinejhad*; Mohamad Reza Esmaielzadeh Toloee; Mojtaba Dolatshahi; Raheleh Ghafari
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3 The effect of 6 weeks of high intensity interval training preconditioning on clinical outcome and demyelination in cerebellum tissue of female mice with multiple sclerosis in EAE model
Fattaneh Farahmand*; Maryam Noorshahi; Seyed Behnamodin Jameii; Hamid Rajabi; Maryam Soleymani
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4 A Survey of Energy Consumption of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Mahnaz Marvi-Esfahani*
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