Keywords = Detraining
Number of Proceedings: 3

1 Effects of resistance training and detraining period on the LVIDS, LVIDD, PWT,IVST,FS%,RWT indices of the Left ventricular sedentary men
Hasan Naghizadeh*; Seyed Mojtaba Payedar; Ensiyeh Alsadat Faghihzadeh
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2 Effects of high intensity interval training with short and long-term intervals and detraining on glycolytic capacity in rat gastrocnemius muscle
Azadeh Akmali; Marzieh Saghebjoo*
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3 Effects of high-intensity interval training and detraining on telomerase activity, p53 protein levels and oxidative status in rat skeletal muscle
Iman Saffari; Marzieh Saghebjoo*; Mehdi Hedayati; Hadi Sarir
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