Keywords = Endurance training
Number of Proceedings: 5

1 The effect of aerobic training on hydrogen peroxide and total antioxidant capacity serum levels and insulin resistance in women with type 2 diabetes
Sadegh Cheragh-Birjandi*; Elham Azizi
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2 The effect of endurance training on working memory and selective attention in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Laleh Hamboushi*; Peyman Honarmand
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3 Effect of Taxol Consume and Endurance Training on Cyclooxygenase2 and Prostaglandin in the Liver Tissue Mice C57 with Cervical Cancer
Maryam Firoozi*; Alireza Barari; Asieh Abbassi Daloii
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4 The effect of six weeks aerobic training and taxol taking on interleukin 8 and Active inhibitor of plasminogen on mice with cervical cancer
Maryam Firoozi*; Alireza Barari; Maryam Ebrahimzadeh; Asieh Abbassi Daloii
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5 The effects of endurance exercise and methylphenidate consumption on prefrontal in ADHD rats
Hamid Reza Vatankhah*
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