Keywords = Exercise
Number of Proceedings: 6

1 Various exercise intensities deferentially regulate GAP-43 and CAP-1 expression in the rat hippocampus
Masoud Rahmati*; Abdolreza Kazemi
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2 The effect of 8 weeks of sports exercises on the ability to memorize English words' students
Ali Zaferanieh*; Bentolhoda Enayat Pour
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3 Comparative Study of Social Participation and Exercise
Ali Parsaju*; Mohammad Javadipoor; Hossein Zareian
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4 Report on effects of training and Eriobotrya on MANF of brainstem and cerebellar, GDNF of brain stem, dopamine, tyh of Parkinson's Rat
Molook Mohammadi*
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5 Effects of Different Exercise Training on Novel Cardio-metabolic Risk Factors in Women with Type 2 Diabetes
Ebrahim Bani-Talebi*; Majid Mardaniyan Ghahfarrokhi; Mohammad Faramarzi; Samira Nasiri
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6 The causes of not adherence to exercise and dietary regimen in patients with metabolic syndrome: a qualitative study
Karim Azali Alamdari*; Behbood Yargholi; Niloofar Vaziri-Mehr
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