Keywords = Speed
Number of Proceedings: 6

1 Cross-transfer of physical fitness factors considering laterality of each brain hemispheres
Sara Sarhadi*; Meysam Zeraatkar; Mostafa Teymurikheravi
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2 The effect of implicit interference on the performance of some physical and psychological fitness factors for beginner boy handball players
Zana Ahmadzadeh Asl*; Jamal Fazel Kalkhouran; Mehran Davoudi
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3 The comparison of speed, reaction time, GRF and apchagy and neriochagy performance by preferred and non-preferred leg in elite male taekwondo players
Ensieh Gholam Bahri*; Eydi Alijani; Amir Sarshin
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4 High-intensity interval training (HIIT) versus traditional endurance training (TET): effects on aerobic power and respiratory system adaptations in female inline speed skaters
Sara Fereshtian*; Mohsen Sahebi Sharifabadi; Mohsen Sheykhlouvand; Hamid Aghaalinejad
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5 Investigating the effect of six weeks of fast periodic exercises on the association of some physical fitness and anthropometric parameters of running speed in male students aged 8 to 11 years.
Moslem Ranaaeizade*
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6 The effect of 8 weeks of 11-adjusted 11 FIFA on performance and risk factors related to injury in soccer players 10 to 15 years in the base class
Parya Abdolmalaki*; Azar Aghayari; Afshin Moghadasi
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