Keywords = Blood flow restriction
Number of Proceedings: 4

1 Effect of 4 Week Interval Cycling Exercise with Blood Flow Restriction on Hematologic Factors and 4000 m Cycling Performance
Hadi Bashafaat*; Mohamad Esmail Afzalpour
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2 The effect of different resistance training with and without blood flow restriction on CAF, P3NP and physical function in elderly women
Akram Sharifi Moghadam*; Mohamad Reza Hamedi Nia; Roya Askari
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3 The effect of resistance exercise with blood flow restriction on delayed onset of muscle soreness markers
Mitra Ghorbanian*; Hamid Arazi; Javad Mehrabani
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4 Acute Effect of Blood Flow Restriction on Electrical Activity of Arm Muscles during Exhausting Karate Zoki in Young Men
Mohammad Soltani; Ali Abbasi*; Mehdi Taghva
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