Keywords = resistance exercise
Number of Proceedings: 4

1 The effect of a resistance exercise course with limited calorie intake on changes in leptin, VO2MAX, and composition indexes of young girls with overweight
Mahbobeh Alian Barin*; Hasan Naghizadeh
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2 The Effect of Continuous and Intermittent Resistance Training on Serum Glycated Hemoglobin and Lipid Profile in Diabetic Women: Randomized Clinical Trial with Control Group
Mohammad-Ali Kohanpour*; Ali Moradi
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3 The effect of resistance exercise with blood flow restriction on delayed onset of muscle soreness markers
Mitra Ghorbanian*; Hamid Arazi; Javad Mehrabani
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4 The effect of eight weeks of aerobic and strength training on the anxiety of postmenopausal women
Elham Amini Asl*; Mahdi Mohamadinezhad; Hossein Soltani
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